sleep settling support sunshine coast
sleep settling support sunshine coast

Sleep & Settling Support Sunshine Coast

“Guiding the journey of parenthood, through dedicated and personalised HealthCare from birth to beyond”

Experiencing Sleep Deprivation

In the first year of life Sleep and Settling is the number one concern that parents struggle with.

Everyone knows that when they are having a baby that their sleep will be affected, but until you are in the thick of it and experiencing serious sleep deprivation do you have a true understanding of how it affects the household.

Every family situation is unique and strong emotions need to be considered when dealing with sleep concerns.  Julie’s holistic approach is backed by strong research in the fields of Neuroscience and childhood development and actively supports parental mental health.

Sleep does not need to be taught or trained, but there are sometimes factors that interferes with your baby’s circadian rhythm and homeostasis. These may be physical, emotional, social, developmental or environmental.  Julie will assess your family’s situation and suggest where adjustments could be made to support the best outcome that is responsive to your family’s needs.

Contact Decisive Directions Child Health now to arrange a free 15 minute consultation, so that you can make the decision if Julie’s expertise is right for you and your family.

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Our Family Support Services

Support with Breast Feeding, Sleep, Settling and Adjusting to Parenting for babies under 12 months.
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In-Home Consultation

A consultation in the comfort of your home will be offered as a package: Home visiting package will be offered (1.5 hr home visit and then 3 x follow up phone calls) for $300

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Face-to-Face or Tele-Health

Appointments may be arranged with an initial charge of $180 Consultation fee (90 min appointment)Then $150 (1 hr) for ongoing appointments.

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