adjusting to parenting sunshine coast
adjusting to parenting sunshine coast

Adjusting To Parenting Sunshine Coast

“Guiding the journey of parenthood, through dedicated and personalised HealthCare from birth to beyond”

Your “New Norm” as a Parent

Helping prepare parents to step into parenting, and to create their new norm.

You might be surprised to know; most parents are not aware or underestimate the transition period for each member of the new family. Unfortunately, we also know that 74% of women don’t reach out for help until they are not coping (source: COPE, the Centre of Perinatal Excellence).

Mum’s, Dad’s /Partners and Babies needs are all important and need to be met.  Like a three-legged stool: Each are affected by the other.

‘If we take in consideration everyone’s needs we can create a stable platform for the whole family’s needs.’ (by Elly Taylor: Becoming us)

preparing for parenting sunshine coast
becoming a parent sunshine coast

There are many transitions a couple needs to go through when becoming parents.

  • Physical: Mothers more so than fathers/ partners. This can affect self-esteem. Fathers also have change occurring by a drop-in testosterone once babies are born.  This aids the bonding process.
  • Financial: Couples may have reducing income and take on extra financial burdens. Research shows that high stress levels in the third trimester is a predictor of dad’s Postnatal Depression.
  • Psychological: Dealing with expectation and adjusting to a new sense of identity. 33% of Mother’s and 17% of Dad’s/ Non-birth partner have anxiety in the Postpartum period and 16% of Mother’s and 5% of Dads have Postnatal depression.
  • Emotional: Parents are wired to bond emotionally with their babies thereby making them emotionally vulnerable with themselves and their relationship with their partners. Partner bonding reduces risks for perinatal anxiety and depression and sets couples up with a firm foundation for their family.
  • Cultural: Dealing with Grandparents and in-laws. Considering family traditions and conflict that may arise because of this.
  • Relational: Dynamics in the relationship
  • Social: Dealing with potential change in in your social circle and creating your tribe.
  • Sexual: Mismatch of libido. 65% of women don’t expect sex lives to alter after a baby, 63% of those report causing conflict with partner. (stats from Le Blanc’s study)

‘Becoming us’ Relational parenting program

Watch this space for further details about ‘Becoming us’ Relational parenting program.
If you’d like to know more once it’s released, send expression of interest below.

Our Family Support Services

Support with Breast Feeding, Sleep, Settling and Adjusting to Parenting for babies under 12 months.
We’ll be extending our support services, help us identify what’s needed – Family Health Survey

In-Home Consultation

A consultation in the comfort of your home will be offered as a package: Home visiting package will be offered (1.5 hr home visit and then 3 x follow up phone calls) for $300

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Face-to-Face or Tele-Health

Appointments may be arranged with an initial charge of $180 Consultation fee (90 min appointment)Then $150 (1 hr) for ongoing appointments.

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