breast feeding support sunshine coast
breast feeding support sunshine coast

Breast Feeding Support Sunshine Coast

“Guiding the journey of parenthood, through dedicated and personalised HealthCare from birth to beyond”

Feeding: Breast / Bottle / Solids

Breast feeding is both instinctual and a learned skill that sometimes goes easily for parents but can often be a challenge at some stage.

Everyone’s journey is different and Julie will work with you to support what is best for you and your family to achieve your own personal goals.

As a Registered Midwife and Child Health Nurse, Julie is up to date with latest evidence-based Lactation information.  Julie practices using Gestalt model to support Neuroprotective Developmental care.

For some families though, breast feeding is not the right option for them, therefore Julie will support parents in making the best decision that is based on what is best for both mother and baby.

In accordance with the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council), solids should be offered from around six months of age.  Julie will help guide parents in how best this works for them and their baby.

baby feeding support sunshine coast

Our Family Support Services

Support with Breast Feeding, Sleep, Settling and Adjusting to Parenting for babies under 12 months.
We’ll be extending our support services, help us identify what’s needed – Family Health Survey

In-Home Consultation

A consultation in the comfort of your home will be offered as a package: Home visiting package will be offered (1.5 hr home visit and then 3 x follow up phone calls) for $300

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Face-to-Face or Tele-Health

Appointments may be arranged with an initial charge of $180 Consultation fee (90 min appointment)Then $150 (1 hr) for ongoing appointments.

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